Get Valuable Insights From Over 40 Million Fashion Shoppers

Imagine having access to insights from over 300k products from the world’s biggest fashion brands, all neatly analysed and compiled for you. Now, stop imagining… This is a reality that Pinsight offers you.

Get Valuable Insights From Over 40 Million Fashion Shoppers

One valuable use case of Lykdat’s Market Analysis solution, Retail Intelligence, is Comparative Analysis. With this feature, you can compare the performance of two or more products, based on customer sentiment.

Not only can you see how your products perform against one another, you can compare their performances to those of your competitors.

Competitive Analysis with Pinsight helps you find out what customers think about your fashion items, compared to those of your competitors.

But that’s not all…

Pinsight gives you access to over 900k products from the world’s biggest fashion brands, to compare your products with.

This gives you the opportunity to know what the most successful brands all around the world are doing right (and wrong), and how to take advantage of that.

Understanding Retail Intelligence

Retail Intelligence is not just another review analysis tool; it's a comprehensive platform that allows fashion manufacturers and brands to tap into the wealth of information present in customer feedback and market trends. Through advanced Data Collection, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and AI technologies, Pinsight transforms raw feedback into actionable insights for competitive analysis, market research, product analytics, and more.

Our solution sifts through massive amounts of data, identifying sentiments, themes, keywords, and patterns that can illuminate consumer behavior and preferences for fashion manufacturers and brands.

The Power of Customer Reviews for Fashion Brands

In the fashion industry, customer reviews hold immense power. They provide a direct line of communication between brands and consumers, shedding light on what works and what doesn't. Positive reviews can bolster brand reputation and foster customer loyalty, while negative feedback presents opportunities for improvement.

Leading fashion manufacturers and brands leverage insights from customer reviews, from as early as ideation/pre-production stages.

With Retail Intelligence, fashion brands can look beyond star ratings and get a high-level understanding of what is working and what isn’t. This helps them fine-tune their products, enhance customer experiences, identify trends, and stay ahead of competitors.

Unveiling Over 40 Million Reviews: The Data Treasure Trove

Imagine having access to insights from over 900k products from the world’s biggest fashion brands, all analysed and compiled for you.

Now, stop imagining… This is a reality that Retail Intelligence offers you.

Our database spans across leading fashion brands, ensuring a comprehensive view of the fashion landscape. From the most luxurious labels, to the most eco-conscious brands, the wealth of data available on Retail Intelligence is a goldmine for fashion businesses aiming to understand consumer preferences on a deeper level.

You can now join the big players, and even beat them, by figuring how best to meet the needs of shoppers. After all, the most successful businesses are those who serve the customers best.

Accessing the Insights: A Step-by-Step Guide

So, how can you access Retail Intelligence?

It’s simple really:

Create an Account and Log In: Begin by signing up at Once registered, log in to the platform using your credentials.

Sign in page to Retail Intelligence
Sign in page to Retail Intelligence

Navigate the Dashboard: Upon logging in, you'll be greeted by the intuitive dashboard. Locate the search icon which will redirect you to the search page

Retail Intelligence Dashboard
Retail Intelligence Dashboard

Search and Filter for Products: Use the search bar to specify criteria such as Keyword search, Url search, Image search, and Image Url search. Apply filters to narrow down the review dataset to your desired brands and click search to search for reviews.

Retail Intelligence Search Page
Retail Intelligence Search Page

Product Selection: Once you've applied your search criteria, you'll be presented with multiple products that match your specifications. Carefully select the product that best fits your needs and interests. Here you can select a single product for analysis, or compare multiple products at the same time. You can also select multiple products to carry out an aggregate analysis of products you’re interested in

Numer 28-05.jpg
Pinsight Search page / Item selection

Analyzing Trends and Patterns: Delve into the data visualizations provided by Retail Intelligence. You will find reviews, and star ratings and their distribution. You can also easily identify trends, sentiments, and frequently occurring keywords that can unveil consumer preferences and opinions. Here, you can compare the information between two or more selected items.

Comparative analysis with Retail Intelligence
Comparative analysis with Retail Intelligence

Save, Export and Share Reports: Once you've found what you need, don't forget to save it to a personalized folder within the platform. You can also export the report in excel and PDF formats for further analysis or sharing with your team.

Numer 28-07.jpg
Pinsight Analyzed page / Save or Download report

Turning Insights into Action: Practical Use Cases For Retail Intelligence

The insights garnered from our solution's vast collection of reviews can be transformative for fashion brands. Consider these practical use cases:

  • Identifying Popular Product Features and Trends: Uncover which product features resonate the most with consumers, helping you prioritize design and development efforts.
  • Informing Marketing Strategies: Craft marketing campaigns that align with consumer preferences and effectively address pain points.
  • Monitoring Competitor Performance: Benchmark your brand against competitors, identifying areas where you can stand out.


Accessing more than 40 million reviews of over 900k products from top fashion brands through Retail Intelligence is like listening to the market and shoppers directly. By understanding what customers truly want and need, you can fine-tune your business strategies and offerings.

In an era where data reigns supreme, Retail Intelligence provides top fashion manufacturers and brands with a powerful tool for harnessing the voice of the customer and turning it into actionable insights that drive success in fashion eCommerce.

Don’t be left behind. Get started today!