Apparel Auto-Tagger On Shopify: Efficient Fashion Cataloging

The Apparel Auto-Tagger app uses Visual AI to make the fashion cataloging process more efficient for Shopify stores, saving both time and money for fashion businesses.

Apparel Auto-Tagger On Shopify: Efficient Fashion Cataloging

In the fast-paced world of fashion e-commerce, time is of the essence. The success of online fashion businesses hinges on their ability to swiftly and accurately present their products to the digital world. However, the traditional manual cataloging process can be a painstaking endeavor, consuming valuable time and resources that could be better utilized in other areas of the business.

Enter the Apparel Auto-Tagger: an innovative solution that is changing the game by streamlining the fashion cataloging process and saving both time and money for fashion businesses on Shopify.

The Manual Cataloging Challenge

For fashion entrepreneurs and retailers, creating an online presence involves a labor-intensive process of cataloging products. Each item must be meticulously tagged with relevant product descriptions, categories, and attributes to ensure accurate search results and a seamless customer experience. However, the manual cataloging process comes with its fair share of challenges. It demands extensive time and human resources, which could be better directed toward strategic marketing efforts and business growth.

Moreover, the risk of inconsistency and error in manual tagging can result in misrepresentations of products and confusion among customers. This not only affects user experience but can also impact search engine visibility and sales conversion rates.

Visual AI: A Game-Changer in Cataloging

The Apparel Auto-Tagger harnesses the power of Visual AI technology to revolutionize the cataloging experience for fashion businesses. Visual AI, or visual artificial intelligence, is a cutting-edge technology that enables computers to interpret and analyze visual information, such as images and videos. In the context of fashion cataloging, Lykdat’s Visual AI, which powers a wide range of Product Discovery solutions , allows the Apparel Auto-Tagger app to automatically identify fashion items within product images accurately and assign highly descriptive descriptive product tags and descriptions.

This technology eliminates the need for manual tagging, transforming what used to be a time-consuming process into an efficient and automated one. With the Apparel Auto-Tagger, fashion businesses can upload their product images on Shopify, and let the app assign the most relevant and accurate tags and product descriptions.

Time Savings and Efficiency

The most immediate and impactful benefit of the Apparel Auto-Tagger is the significant time savings it offers. Depending on the number of products in any catalog, a typical manual tagging process can range anywhere between 30–40 hours a week tagging just 200–300 products a day.

These hours spent on manual tagging can now be allocated to more strategic and value-driven tasks, such as curating collections, crafting engaging marketing campaigns, and enhancing customer engagement and support. Users of the app get notified via email when the tagging process is complete. What used to take days or even weeks can now be accomplished within minutes, allowing fashion businesses to operate with agility and respond swiftly to market trends.

Quality and Consistency in Tagging

In addition to time savings, the Apparel Auto-Tagger ensures a level of quality and consistency that is challenging to achieve with manual tagging. Human fatigue often prevails over meticulous precision. With manual tagging, even the most adept tagging specialists can falter under the weight of exhaustive details and the consuming passage of time.

However, the Apparel Auto-Tagger gives products accurate and consistent descriptions and tags, reducing the chance of errors or inconsistencies. This improves user experience and helps with SEO and search result visibility.

Cost-Effectiveness and Resource Allocation

Beyond the evident time savings, the Apparel Auto-Tagger offers a compelling financial advantage. By reducing the need for manual labor, your fashion business can cut down on labor costs, reallocating resources to areas that drive growth and innovation. The app's cost-effective solution becomes an investment that pays dividends over time, enabling fashion businesses to scale efficiently and effectively.


In a digital landscape where speed and accuracy are paramount, the Apparel Auto-Tagger is a game-changer for fashion businesses like yours. By automating the cataloging process through Visual AI technology, the app not only saves time but also enhances the quality and consistency of product tagging. With reduced costs and increased efficiency, you can redirect your resources toward activities that drive business growth. The future of fashion cataloging is here, and it's powered by the Apparel Auto-Tagger. Explore the app on the Shopify App Store, and transform the way your fashion business operates.

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