Product discovery in Fashion E-commerce

Product discovery in Fashion E-commerce
Photo by Edi Libedinsky / Unsplash

What is Product Discovery?

Product Discovery is an important step in developing, designing, and delivering precisely what your customers want from you. There are many ways to accomplish this, which includes smart merchandising, recommendation engines, and visual and text search capabilities.

Product discovery seeks to present your customers with appropriate products at the appropriate time.

Today's online shoppers go through a far more sophisticated and dynamic consumer journey than they did in the past. It is no longer a Basic transaction.

There are many avenues for people to find and purchase fashion items today, from social media to online marketplaces.

One of the most important aspects of the eCommerce experience is now product discovery. When done correctly, it can give businesses more chances to boost conversion, average order value, and customer loyalty. It is important to  Comprehend your customers' behaviour and lifestyle in order to meet their needs, there's need to learn more about them, their purchasing habits, and how they make decisions.

Customers can discover inspiration from blogs, websites, publications, social media, celebrities, influencers, and even their friends in the digital world we live in.

A large number of consumers abandon a shopping session because they received irrelevant search results, however with improved product discovery, more product data is categorised and available, which makes it possible to answer to the shopper’s needs more precisely and increase the sales of the retailer.

Ways to improve the product discovery of your brand‍

1. Use data and analytics

To improve your product recommendations, you will require a variety of customer and retail data. These metrics include traffic source, customer interaction with product pages and images, search terms, landing page conversion, and others.Also, search and discovery may consider previous purchases and other personalised information. Personalised information includes the searcher’s age and prior visits to the site. This process provides solutions your customer may not have known they needed. The user finds what they need while feeling known and understood by your business.

2. Create a digital catalogue

An online catalogue will give your customers a more comprehensive understanding of your business, It will contain all your products with accurate categories, allowing them to quickly and easily identify the products they want.

What Improved Product Discovery Looks like

Search bar with Autocomplete Option

Your navigation set-up is your customers’ map of your website. It not only makes your products accessible but also presents your inventory in an organised way, The search bar is the point of discovery for users of your site. Without a search bar, product search discovery would be challenging. Text search with advanced features such as auto-complete, auto-suggest, spell check ensures that customers on a product hunt can find what they’re looking for

Search Filter and Facets

Search filters enable users on your site to narrow down search results to what they’re looking for. Facets ensure only filters that match the search results are available to the user. They enable your customers to customise their search results using a variety of attributes such as price, size, colour, and more. As a result, shoppers can easily zero in on products that they want

Personalised Recommendations

Personalised recommendations suggest products to customers based on their shopping habit or lifestyle, it involves using the information we have about a customer to recommend products that best suit them. Most shoppers would choose or pay more for a brand that provides personalised experiences.

Image Search

Image search allows shoppers to search with images, it makes it easier to find the exact product a customer wants, in most cases, colours, cuts, designs and shapes that cannot be accurately described in a text search can already be accounted for in an image search and customers are able to get more accurate results.

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