Product Recommendation In Ecommerce

Product Recommendation In Ecommerce
Photo by Kelly Sikkema / Unsplash

Product recommendation is a filtering system that suggests relevant offers and products to customers based on their demographics, location data, product preferences, previous individual behavior, and other metrics. The Product recommendation system analyzes data about shoppers to learn exactly what types of products and offerings interest them. These recommendations can come in different forms and at different points throughout the shopping journey.

How is Product Recommendation valuable to Shoppers ?

Suggests similar items for Sold out Products

There are millions of products available on the internet, and a significant rise in the number of users who have access to these products, it can be overwhelming for shoppers to find products that suit their taste, it is important for brands to provide their customers with the relevant chunk of information according to their preferences and tastes and this can be achieved with product recommendation.

When a customer finds what they want to buy and it’s sold out, they can shop from similar items that have been suggested to them, this helps the customer feel well attended to and drives sales for the business owner.

Provides Styling Options

Intuitive recommendations will make every customer feel like your shop was created just for them, people sometimes shop for a particular fashion item with no clue as to how to wear it or other items that would look good with it. Lykdat’s ‘shop the look’ option provides styling at your fingertips. The customer gets to buy outfits that look good together and this also helps the business to drive sales as more items are being sold compared to if the customer only got one item and left.

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