Wedding Guest Outfits to own

Wedding Guest Outfits to own
Photo by Jeremy Wong Weddings / Unsplash

Now that you’ve gotten a wedding invite, the next thing that comes to mind is thoughts on what to wear to a wedding.

One of the things to first things to keep in mind when looking for a wedding guest outfit is that your goal isn’t to be mistaken for the bride so this automatically eliminates white ball dresses, dresses with train and tiaras, you should never consider showing up at another person’s wedding, dressed like a bride.

Other things to consider include the dress code, the location of the wedding and the theme of the wedding.

Dress Code

Some wedding invitation already clearly state the kind of outfits they want their guests to wear, most weddings usually require a formal or ceremonial look so when shopping, you might want to consider a dress that would perfectly fit into that.


Ever heard of beach weddings? Yes! That’s a thing, people choose different locations to have their wedding, and an outfit that’s appropriate for an intimate indoor wedding, just might not do the trick at a beach wedding, beautiful colours that are bright but easy on the eyes usually look very good for beach weddings and if you can get that in a print, that makes it even better.


Some wedding invitations do not exactly state what guests expected to wear to the wedding, sometimes they only state the theme of the wedding, sometimes it says fairytale, sometimes it says classy, next time you get an invite that says classy, you might want to cosider wearing something that looks like this green dress.

whenever you see an outfit that would look lovely for a wedding, you can take a picture and search on and you'll find what youre looking for.