Using AI to solve the problem of fashion Discovery

Using AI to solve the problem of fashion Discovery
Photo by Aditya Saxena / Unsplash

The new lykdat for business is good news for both fashion businesses and their customers, we are offering the customers a new way to search and we are helping fashion businesses increase sales and engagement on their website.

Offering end users a new way to search

Searching is probably the first thing you do whenever you're shopping online because you actually have to look for what you want to buy, so usually you would look for the search icon, type in the word that best describes what you’re looking for and hope the search results show you what you want.
However, fashion is visual and text search is not, so what if you could show this website what you want, what if you could show them a picture of what you’re trying to find, that’d be cool right?
Well, that’s where we come in, at Lykdat, we understand that sometimes you may not have the perfect words to describe what you're looking for but you might have a picture and with that we can help you find it.

Helping businesses to drive more sales and engagement
Our mission remains to make it easier for people to discover fashion, What we’re building would help businesses retain more customers and drive more sales by improving the search experience on their website. A website is more valuable when users can easily find what they want, they want to purchase more often and that website easily becomes their go to whenever they’re shopping online.
Lykdat for business offers smart recommendations such as suggesting similar items when a product is out of stock as well as providing styling options thereby reducing bounce rates and increasing sales.