We hope you find what you’re looking for

We hope you find what you’re looking for

Many of us have that friend that knows where to buy the best jumpers, boots, dresses, jewelry, shoes and other trendy fashion items. Sometimes all you need to do is show them a picture and they’ll know where to get it, they know the prices too and that just makes them such an important friend. However, many others are not as lucky.

wedding shoe picture
Photo by Emily Gouker on Unsplash

“When I was a little girl, I was going to be a little bride at a wedding and I wanted the perfect white shoes my best friend had, my mom visited every store and searched all day but couldn’t get them because those stores just couldn’t get the description we gave. I was so disappointed, those shoes meant everything to me. A day to the wedding, we stopped searching. I was going to wear the other shoe my mom bought, which I definitely resented and I was prepared to cry myself to sleep. But Later That night, something unforgettable happened; my aunty got back from work and gave me a bag and as soon as I opened it, my perfect white shoes were staring back at me, she found it!! I must’ve given my aunty a million hugs that night, I was the happiest little bride ever.

LykDat.com is my new aunty. While I may not be needing little bride shoes anymore, I sometimes need to find the perfect date outfit and breathtaking shoes to match and LykDat.com makes that so easy, LykDat understands how frustrating it is to see a fashion item that you love and not know where to get it” - Esther

There are times when we spend hours visiting one online store after the other in search of the perfect outfit we saw on Instagram or Twitter and we still end up compromising and buying outfits that aren’t even close.

So, next time you see an outfit you love, use LykDat and we will help you find it! If it’s a post on Instagram, comment @lyk.dat, and if on Twitter,
mention @lykdatApp or you can just upload the picture on LykDat.com.
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