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How well do you know our website? maybe a lot but not as much as we do, so we’ll love to show you around, show you some of the things you might be missing out on.

Search with Image or Search with Text

One of our major goals is to help you discover fashion, this is why we have not one, but two ways to search, you can upload a picture of an outfit you love and ‘search with Image’ and if you don’t have a picture, you can ‘search with text’.

Popular Clothing

This is where you get to see the category of fashion items everyone loves without asking, how generous!. When you visit Lykdat, this is how we help you discover fashion even when you’re not looking for anything in particular.

Trending Products

This is where we show you what is currently getting attention on Lykdat, we sometimes share this on Twitter with a link for you to shop.

Shop All Sale

This is where we show you all the items on sale, it’s really easy to shop even if you’re on a budget, you get your favourite items at very affordable prices.

Shop By Seller

Do you have a particular online store you’ll like to shop from? we got you covered, this is where you’ll find fashion items from each seller.

Tell us what you think

We love feedback!, this is where you can give us suggestions or tell us how much you love Lykdat, or tell us what you think could be better.

Search on social media

This where we show you how to interact with us on Twitter, we love it when you mention @lykdatapp when you see a picture of something you like.

Lykdat for business

This is where you can learn everything you need to know about Lykdat for business.

About us

‘About us’ is the first thing you’ll see in this section, but you can also check out our privacy policy, our blog, our terms of service, lykdat for business and you can contact us.

We hope you enjoyed reading this as much as we enjoyed taking you around our website.