Image Search in E-commerce

Image Search in E-commerce
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Shopping has always been a part of our lives, before it became possible to shop online from the comfort of our homes, People usually went to the market where they could buy things they saw and pick exactly what they wanted, their decision to make a purchase largely depended on what they saw. Sometimes they didn't even know the name of the item they were buying, they see it, they like it, they buy it. Online shopping has grown over the years to become one of the easiest ways to shop, however, customers don’t have a lot of patience when it comes to shopping online, as people are constantly on the go and love to do things in the easiest way possible.

E-commerce businesses that are still providing thousands of products on their website and allowing people to search for these fashion items by only providing text-based searches are not giving their customers the best possible experience. Customers try to describe the products they like using text search, but if they cant't find exactly what they are looking for, the chances that a customer would remain on that website is very low.

The Fashion industry is very competitive, fashion brands are constantly competing for market Share and Image search is a good way to have an edge and make your product more easily accessible. It has become an important business tool that’s changing the way people interact with products. A lot of people get their fashion inspiration from social media and would prefer searching for visual content before making any purchase.

A picture is worth a thousand words, people may find it difficult to describe a dress with a specific design or type of fabric or shoes with a unique pattern, Sometimes the product name does not match the description the customer had in mind, filtering by product category or brand name and manually searching is usually very time consuming, and sometimes not successful. After several failed attempts at finding what the customer really wants to buy, customers often give up, this reduces conversion rate and revenue.

The Image Search feature for online stores merges the comfort of shopping from wherever you are with the satisfaction of finding exactly what you’re looking for. Lykdat is offering this and more with our Cutting Edge visual AI.


Image search technology

Lykdat’s image search technology is here to help businesses retain more customers and drive more sales by improving the search experience on their website, at a competitive price and with the best image search accuracy in the market, you can also get started for free.

Starting out with one affiliate (Asos), to over 200 affiliates, Lykdat has been able to work with several fashion brands and is now making it possible for fashion brands to add an image search feature to their ecommerce website to make it easier for their customers to find what they are looking for. Beyond search, users are able to compare prices of visually similar fashion products across the web, Lykdat has the most accurate image search results and also offers smart recommendations such as suggesting similar items when a product is out of stock as well as providing styling options thereby reducing bounce rates from these websites and increasing sales.

Our Image Search Technology has proven to be capable of improving the following;

  • Conversion rates, as customers can quickly find the items they’re looking for
  • Sales
  • Customer’s shopping experience

Our API gives you access to running Image searches against your own product catalog and our very own product catalog database.

Here’s a typical flow of the order of steps to follow

  • Create a Lykdat Business Account, Ensure to Verify your account Via the verification email sent to you
  • Prepare your Catalogue Import File
  • Create your first Catalogue Using the Import File you Created
  • Retrieve Your API Key
  • Start using the API

(you can check out the docs on the website for more detail)

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