Find Clothes by Picture - Shazam for Clothes

Find Clothes by Picture - Shazam for Clothes

It’s not an uncommon situation where you may have a photo of a dress, but don’t know where or how to find it online.
You don’t know its brand name, nor what the style is called. All you have is a photo, so close, yet, so far away.

Well, you are in luck! We are going show you how to find clothes by picture using LykDat.

Think of LykDat as the Shazam for clothes. Take a photo of the clothes you’d like to search for, upload it to LykDat and voila! It gives you a variety of places to buy it online.

Using the photo below as a case study, we are going to do a breakdown of how LykDat can help you find clothes by picture.

Man on the beach

1. Load on your Web Browser

LykDat homepage

As at the time of this writing, the homepage (on a mobile phone) looks something like the photo above.

2. Search with Image

Click the search icon to select image you’d like to search for. Clicking the search icon should open your image library where you can select the photo you’d like to search with.

3. Crop the image and Submit

crop image view

if there are other items in the photo, you can crop them out of the photo, so LykDat will search only for a specific item in the photo. Once you're done, click the "✔" button and wait a few seconds to get results.

4. View the results

search result

You'd get a variety of online shops that sell the clothing item in the photo.

5. Filter and sort

sort and filter screen

Like other shopping websites, you have the option to filter out certain products from the result. You can also sort the products by price, name, etc.

About Lykdat

Lykdat has grown from, an AI-powered fashion storefront, into a software development company providing customer-focused AI-powered solutions, to help fashion ecommerce businesses succeed.

We recently released our Retail Intelligence solution to the public, providing fashion manufacturers and brands with valuable market insights from customer reviews and market trends, by leveraging Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning Technologies.

Join the market leaders, and gain a high-level understanding of market trends, by leveraging consumer insights from more than 40 million online shoppers, and over 900k pre-analyzed products from top global fashion brands.

Learn more about Retail Intelligence here.