Boost Ecommerce Conversions By Enhancing Your Wishlist

Many shoppers who add items to their wishlist for a later purchase fail to follow through. What if there was a way to solve this, and boost sales?

Boost Ecommerce Conversions By Enhancing Your Wishlist
Photo by Bruno Kelzer / Unsplash

Wishlists are extremely powerful ecommerce tools for brands. A Research from Google showed that 40% of shoppers think their shopping experience would be better if retailers offered a wishlist where they can save items that they’re interested in. While wishlists allow shoppers to save products in their user account for future purchase, they mostly signify a customer’s interest in the product - not necessarily an impending purchase.

Shoppers add items to their wishlist with the intention of referring to them in the future or making a later purchase. However, the majority of them forget about the items in their wishlists, or even fail to remember where they saved these products. What if there was a sustainable way to solve this problem and boost sales?

The Product Alerts API by Lykdat allows shoppers on your website to sign up for automated personalized alerts based on availability and price change, by email. With Back-In-Stock Alerts, customers get notified when their formerly unavailable favourite items are back in stock.

Back-In-Stock Product Alerts by Lykdat
Lykdat Product Alerts notify shoppers when their favourite items are back in stock

With Price Alerts, customers get notified when their favourite items are available at a lower price.

By enhancing your wishlist with the Product Alerts API, your customers automatically subscribe for personalized product alerts when they add items to their wishlists. This enhanced wishlist would boost conversions on your website through meaningful customer engagement. With the Back-In-Stock Alerts feature, you start making sales immediately you restock. With the Price Alerts feature, you make more profit with every sales or promo you run.

The Product Alerts API also gives you access to data of popular items in your customers’ wishlists, to help you make better strategic decisions on stock management, pricing, and promos. With this cheatsheet, you know what products to restock, and how to set prices, that would bring about immediate sales.

With our seamless yet powerful API integration, and dedicated support team, you can upgrade your ecommerce wishlist in no time. Sign up for the Product Alerts API here, and head over to our Documentation Page to get started for free.